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Foundations for cultural transformation

Implicit Bias | Trauma Informed Care | Cultural Competencies | Micro-Messages Social Identity | Intersectionality | Bystander Intervention

Cross-Cultural Communication | Anti-Racism | Emotional Intelligence


dialogue by design 

The Circle Process  | Courageous Conversations | Brave Spaces—Safe Spaces  Developing Employee Resource Groups | Humble Inquiry

*Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry to Create A Culture of Inclusion

*Certified AI Facilitator: The Center for Appreciative Inquiry 


navigating culture change

Culture & Climate Foundations | When it Gets Tough | Conflict & Difficult Situations

Dealing with the Discomfort of Change | Recovering from Mistakes

Common Barriers to Culture Change | Developing a DEI Strategic Plan



4-hour and 8-hour Workshops

Module 1: Understanding Systemic Racism

Module 2: Interactive Historical Analysis + Timeline

Module 3: Dismantling & Rebuilding Oppressive Systems Toolkit + Practice

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