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One Core Value



We believe every organization's unique structure, characteristics, history, strengths, and challenges  provide insight into solving problems, developing leaders, and transforming culture. Integrate DEI into the fabric of who you are, and how you do what you do with creative intentionality. Discover systemic and process barriers to diversity and equity and a culture of inclusion. We also provide coaches and mentors to help you realize your inclusion and equity goals. 


We design & deliver relationship-focused workshops and learning labs to increase awareness, foster dialogue, and build cultural competencies. Explore the Foundations for Cultural Transformation Series, Dialogue by Design, Navigating Culture Change, Organizational and Interpersonal Anti-Racism, Implicit Bias, and Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry to Create Cultures of Inclusion, and more. 


We guide you in developing a culture and climate strategy using our unique Social Justice Journey Framework. Our process includes organizational culture & climate analysis, visioning, and a custom roadmap for cultural transformation along with our culture and climate strategy sustainability cycle. We can help you reach clarity of purpose, develop growth goals, and implement metrics to evaluate progress and desired outcomes.  

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